Grand to Grand Ultra

 Jen Segger

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Jen is a recognized leader in the coaching industry over the past almost 20 years. As a veteran of ultra-running and endurance sports, Jen has competed at the highest level. Jen applies her first-hand knowledge and experience to all those she coaches. Jen works exclusively online, allowing athletes across the world to better access her services. In addition to the individualized training plans that Jen writes, her athletes receive specific and individual guidance in nutrition as it relates to meeting the demands and stress of training.
Jen has taken her passion for performance into new areas, carving out a niche for herself as she applies the latest in research to her female clients, ensuring that these athletes are working with their own unique female physiology and not against it. As a mother herself, Jen knows the importance of embarking on a training regime that balances work, family and play.
Jen has had many athletes toe the line at the G2G since the first edition in 2012. She will guide your gear choices, fuelling, foot care and race strategy. Stand on that start line knowing you are prepared and ready for the experience of a lifetime.
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